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What Can Mary Do for Me?

I have been a Cuddle Party Facilitator since May 2015 and I host events about once or twice per month in the Salt Lake City area. Cuddle Party is a communication workshop and a social event that creates safe space for us all to find what we need: actual connection with other human beings. We can find connection through conversation in full presence, and many of us are also searching for connection through healthy touch. Skin Hunger is real. It is a need like sleep. We can short ourselves for a while, but eventually lack of touch will negatively effect our mood, our anxiety level and our mental and physical health.

My Cuddle Parties are hosted at various locations around Salt Lake City and I am open to hosting outside of Salt Lake if there is a demand. I am always looking for good locations to host Cuddle Parties and good hosts to partner with. I love to partner with private groups as well. Please contact me to host or arrange a Cuddle Party for your group.

You can find out about future Cuddle Parties I host by going to the Cuddle Party Website, Joining the Utah Cuddle Club on Meetup, or Following my MaryCuddler Facebook page.

I announce my Free Hug events on the Utah Cuddle Club group on Meetup. It is very satisfying to offer hugs and see the smile it brings to people, even when they think I'm crazy. Any cuddlers are invited to join me to offer hugs together or you can just come and get a hug from me. If you know of an event or a venue that would enjoy Free Hugs, let me know and we can make free hugs happen for everyone!

I have been developing several workshop/discussion topics based on my own experiences to present in a workshop and exercise format. I really enjoy teaching about consent, healthy relationship agreements and communication. I have topics that can be presented in 10 minutes, one hour, or several hours.

Wheel of Consent
What does it mean to Hold Space?
Eye Gazing Exercises
Bubble or Sphere Conversation template for healthy energy exchange
Cuddle Party Rules for consent and healthy agreements in real life
Five Love Languages
Mindfulness exercises and guided meditations

I am a certified professional cuddler with Cuddlist since June 2016. If you are interested in some one-on-one attention, we will meet in a public place for a free intake meeting to get to know each other and decide if we want to book a session together. It usually takes about half an hour to go over the Cuddlist Code of Ethics as well as discuss what you want to get out of a Cuddle Session. It is important to me that we are a good fit and that we want to work together before we agree to book a session. If the connection isn't there, the cuddle session won't be beneficial for you.

Download my intake form here. It includes more details regarding the agreements for booking a session with me and what a session with me can involve.

I like to talk and offer coaching and I can also offer Reiki (Level 2 Practitioner) during my sessions along with some healthy touch you need to help relax you and give you a safe space for emotional release. Treat yourself to some connection and relaxation. Discounts are available if money is an issue - just talk to me.

We are working on starting the Intimacy Institute here in Salt Lake. Cuddle Parties and my cuddle work will be part of the Institute. Intimacy and how we navigate it is so important. Cuddle Party ideas are a primer for intimacy in your life. The first step after realization should always be communication. At the Institute, you will find many practitioners dedicated to your education, wellness and health. I hope you will Support Us and join us there.

I maintain a Nourishing Connections Meetup group for those interested in Snuggle Fest. Snuggle Fest is a non-sexual, clothing optional, body positive social event with a communication workshop and consent agreements similar to Cuddle Party. The first Snuggle Fest in Utah was held in Salt Lake in December 2016. It was a great success and a very relaxing evening. We also have a Snuggle Facebook Group for discussion and support.

It is February 3, 2017 and I have decided to start a Podcast. Here is my first effort, available from Soundcloud.
The MaryCuddler Show: Introduction

Cuddler Interview with Jody Bailey from the Erotic Life

The Impact of Intimacy on The Erotic Life - talking about Cuddle Party and the new Intimacy Institute.

I am available to meet with you in a public place to chat for half an hour to talk about any of my events or activities. If you have questions or if you would just like to meet me before participating in a group event I hope you will contact me. Please email me to arrange a meeting. I love to talk about this stuff.