Mary's Cuddle Facilitation and Communication Coaching
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Contact Mary

I like to make first contact over email. I will usually arrange to meet in person as soon as possible. Email me at

You can follow me on Facebook - Like my Cuddle Facilitator Page.

I am available to meet with you in a public place to chat for half an hour about any of my events or activities if you have questions or if you would just like to meet me before participating in a group event. Please email me to arrange a meeting. My favorite places to meet are Mestizo Coffee 641 West North Temple or SL Coffee Break at 400 East 400 South in Salt Lake. I can generally meet weekends or evenings.

If you want to donate or pay me back you can use this Paypal quicklink.
Go to, type in the amount, and send me the money. Since itís PayPal, you know itís easier and more secure than cash or checks. Donít have a PayPal account? No worries. Getting one is fast and free.

Message me anonymously
Do you have something to say to me, but not ready to speak openly? I would hope you could communicate with me directly, but I understand if you are not ready for that. You can message me anonymously through Sarahah. Unfortunately, I won't be able to respond directly if you communicate this way, but if you ask a question, I will address it on my Facebook Page so please watch there for my response. Tell Mary what you really think!